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Coronavirus Relief

In light of the outbreak of coronavirus, Plan International has provided 880 grassroots children and their families with more than 60,000 masks and other antiviral supplies to meet their urgent needs. (Details of local relief work) At the same time, developing countries like Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia are facing a rising number of infection and death cases and the epidemic has already posed serious threats to children’s, particularly girls’ wellbeing. Our immediate attention and help are needed!

Save Girls from Child Marriage

As the situation is critical, please offer a helping hand to vulnerable girls, so as to help reclaim their rights to receive education, get away from child marriage and continue to go after their dreams.

  • HK$300: Produce and distribute 200 sets of antiviral and advocacy leaflets in different local dialects
  • HK$1,000: Help 20 girls get access to remote learning and communications devices so that their chances of dropping out can be minimised and they can achieve a certain level of education
  • HK$5,000: Send 18 girls and their families antiviral essentials to protect their health and reduce their financial burden

Provide Children with Safety and Food

Plan International’s response to the coronavirus includes the 4 categories below:

  • Distribute hygiene and antiviral products such as soap and hand sanitizers as well as providing clean water sources to underprivileged groups for washing their hands and cleaning living environment; families in need are also given food aid
  • Expand rescuing work in refugee camps. Distribute shelter, food, water and hygiene kits and strengthen hygiene education
  • Provide out-of-school children with home-learning materials. Support parents to give children a sustainable and safe learning environment
  • Assist antiviral experts and community work teams to raise hygiene and anti-child exploitation awareness via radio, mobile phone, leaflets, etc.

Immediate Action Is Needed

Your donation will be used in Plan International’s different coronavirus relief projects in the developing countries. Please do not hesitate to offer a helping hand to our children and girls!